A downloadable project for Windows

This is a simulation of a lab made as an extra activity for my physics class.

Published Mar 19, 2017

Install instructions


The basic camera controls follow the basic 3D program controls. Hold middle click to rotate the view. Hold middle click and shift to pan. Use scroll wheel to zoom in and out.


Firstly, make sure to put a value of 1 in the changer textbox in the bottom right panel (this was used to make velocities more accurate, but won't affect the results).

Secondly, insert a desired height in the textbox in the bottom right panel (anything over 5 will fall of the ramp before colliding the ball).

Thirdly, press go to restart the simulation with the new corrected height.


This simulation was presented in front of Ms. Venditti's physics class as a bonus assignment. It is meant to replicate an energy transfer lab that was performed in class.

This simulation was created from scratch using the Unity 3D engine. All models and game scripts were created by Alexandre Lavoie. The camera script was legally obtained online in a forum and was modified to wanted results.


PhysicsEnergyTransferSimulation.zip 43 MB